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The Ultimate Guide to the Best-Rated Blender

Lots of blenders are now available on the market making the choice more difficult. They come in different styles and vary, depending on their features, specifications, price, and usability. A basic kind of blender can make your smoothie recipes from frozen fruit and or ice, but most of them don’t content features that most users need for a long-lasting usage.

For the top rated best blenders for smoothies, they will surely cost you more compared to a basic one. However, since it has the features that can hold large quantities and can last longer than the basic blenders, it is well worth that initial pay out.

That said, investing lots of your money doesn’t automatically mean that you will have the best blender for smoothies. And it doesn’t mean either, that if you can get cheaper blender you will save money in the long run. Here’s a guide for you to read about some of the best-rated blenders available.

Name of Blender/features Oster Versa Vitamix 5200 Blendtec Designer 675 Cleanblend Breville Boss Waring Commercial Xtreme Ninja Ultima
Price $200 $449 $455 $180 $400 $347 $276
Usability and Design This kind of blender tries to attempt in competing with the other kind of blender like Blendtec and the Vitamix. It will blend kale stems and different kind of leaves for making of green smoothies. It can make a not so fine textures. Textures are considered silky, with just a little berry seeds to left in said mixtures. It shines in terms of cooking task like making mayonnaise, blending dips, and pureeing soups. It has a low speed. Best blender in terms of making mixed smoothies and drinks. This is the only blender model which was successfully provides a restaurant-worthy smoothies and pina coladas. This is said to be a newcomer on the market with high-powered kind of blender scene.  It has very impressive three-HP motor type and considered as one of some best during testing in making smooth smoothies. It is said to be the second in ranking after Blendtec. This model performed like of that Oster Versa and Cleanblend but its price is double. It will left a whole chunks of its almonds in made smoothie, but small ones for the pina colada. According to the old blender makers in the world, this model of blender was able made silky smoothies, was good in the preparation of whipping, and worked well enough in crushing ice. This is one of the very most powerful models that Ninja could offer which makes good smoothies and crushing ice well. But it cannot perform better than an Oster Versa or Cleanblend.

Best-Rated Blender

The blender with a view to fit to most humans’ needs for cooking and drinking preparations is the Oster Versa, which liquefies the foods efficiently, which has an effortless-to-use shorter jar, and is delivered at a very decent price.

If you are inclined to spend $450 and like to cook dinner, the Vitamix 5200 is excellent, and most sleek blenders that you may purchase. The Blendtec clothier 675 is the ultimate for many who plan to completely make smoothies or combined drinks, and don’t need to use it for many cooking tasks.

The Cleanblend makes smoothies virtually as silky than the Blendtec and if you can find it for round $200 it’s an excellent second in rank to the Oster Versa for efficiency and price. For the money which you could purchase better blenders than the Breville Boss, Waring industrial Xtreme, or the Ninja Ultima. These are some of the top rated best blenders for smoothies.