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5 Things You Can Make with a Best blenders for smoothies (Besides Smoothies)

A blender is a staple is most homes, it’s a tool embraced for healthy, nutrient packed meals in most cases smoothies and juices. Despite the fact that nutrients content of blended foods are still up for debate, the best blender for smoothies can’t be argued upon with the blades perfect for quick, drinkable meals and post-workout shakes.

They are the best for those who have trouble consuming regular consistency foods. Add more variety to your diet with these blender-full ideas, too.

Blend Pureed Soups

When the weather gets warmer, we start to crave warm, winter soups and flavorful fall. Best blender for smoothies a pureed soup fills as one chucks of meat and vegetables, but you have to make it right.

Check plenty of recipe ingredients, the basics steps contribute to the perfect meal. Make sure the ingredients are well cooked, but not overcooking. The vegetables should be soft blend easily, though not too mushy to become too watery.  For consistency, consider straining the soup after you puree it. The chucks strained out should be further pureed and added back again.

The method may differ depending on the blender. The best blender for smoothies get the job done best, but smaller blenders may need pureeing in batches.

Some of the recipe to try are;

  • Gazpacho Andaluz Recipe
  • Cauliflower Soup Recipe
  • Moroccan Vegetable Puree Soup Recipe

Blend Nut Butters

You can easily make homemade cashew or peanut butter. Fresh flavor and no preservatives best for homemade butters nut butters. They are the easiest to make to serve with snack or meal. Make almond butter for its higher nutrients content. The best blenders for smoothies required for happy blending the recipes.

Blend Dips, Spreads, and Sauces

Make salsa, hummus, guacamole, or pesto are no hassle with the best blenders for smoothies. It’s easy to whip a quick dip snack made of veggies, and chips, making pesto and sauces to blend into a larger meal.

Kale walnut pesto a plain pasta dish, adding at last one serving for veggies to a meal you can try making Your Own Condiments, Vegan Pesto Recipe or even classic Pesto Recipe.

 Ice Cream and Sorbets

Basically, frozen fruits, a frozen chucks of bananas; mangos, strawberries and more blends into ice cream like or sorbet consistency. The recipe works if you swap in your favorite fruits say raw vegan banana ice-cream sorbet.

Adding drops of vanilla extract or chocolate chips make a real treat. An added cup of chilled yogurt creates a satisfy consistency taste best.

Grind Instead of Blend

The best blenders for smoothies doubles as grinders. You can grind spices and flour, buy bulk spices for a lower cost, and enjoy the benefit of freshly ground flavor in your cooking if you grind than right before use.

For floor grind whole quinoa, almonds, oats, dried coconut, and more fine flour like consistently for use in your baking.

Bonus: try grinding coffee beans, too. Different blender blades often yield different consistencies, so experiment in small batches to find the blade that suits your needs most for the best blenders for smoothies.